Mango Habanero

Blending intense heat with a touch of mango and sweet papaya.

Savannah Heat

African bird’s eye chillies, zesty lemon and aromatic garlic

Spicy Buffalo

Not your average Buffalo. Bring the heat, bring the flavour!

Spitfire BBQ

Texas Style BBQ sauce with a kick using chipotle, de Arbol, cayenne & habanero to deliver a smouldering heat.

Medium Buffalo

Traditional New York style Buffalo. Packed with vinegar aged cayenne, herbs and spices.

Bangin’ BBQ

A medium heat Texas style BBQ, not too sweet with a smoky backbone and coffee base this sauce makes any meat sing!

Tequila & Lime

This is a real lip loosener, don’t worry though all the booze gets cooked out!

[Gluten Free]

Jerk BBQ

Traditionally extra hot we have mellowed our Jerk sauce a little to let the flavours of the Caribbean flow.

[Gluten Free]


Sweet Louisiana style sauce with black pepper, Cajun spices, and some top secret Ju-Ju from the bayou.

Sweet Chillli

Traditional sweet chilli sauce with flavours of ginger and chilli. A mild/medium sauce inspired by the Far East.

Mild Buffalo

 Our famous eye watering aged cayenne Buffalo sauce has been tamed! The taste without the tears.

Bootleg BBQ

Our addictive sweet Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce. Delicious on just about everything!


The original nutty lime base, not a chilli in sight!

Asian Zing

A sweet and savoury mix of soy sauce, garlic and ginger.

Great Food, Great Times




Launched in 2013 we have been slinging Ireland’s original and best traditional (bone in) and boneless wings. Cooked using our secret methods we deliver the crispiest skin all the while keeping the tastiest, juiciest and most tender meat on the inside. To make it even better, they’re then hand tossed in any of our 20 signature flavours. To put it simply, they’re what we’re famous for!

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